Grab 'n Go Meals

We offer freshly cooked authentic indian food a couple of days a week for you to take home, heat and eat. The meal is nutritious, low sodium, flavorful, medium spice (chili) level and there are no preservatives added. We offer a selection from meat, vegetable and vegan entrées, and each entrée comes with a container of steamed basmati rice. Portion size is approximately 32oz deli container and feeds 2 – 3 people. Please check the grab ‘n go menu tab for menu, schedule and price. Please subscribe to our email newsletter to get menu updates.

4/12 (Wednesday)
Murgh Korma, $20 - Tender pieces of chicken cooked with yogurt, herbs and aromatic spices
Saag Murgh, $20 - Tandoori chicken simmered in pureed spinach with herbs and spices
Channa Masala, $20 – Chick Peas cooked with potatoes, herbs and spices
Zucchini Curry, $20 - Diced zucchini cooked with ginger, tomato, onion and mild spices


4/24 (Monday)
Adrak Murgh, $20 - Chicken pieces cooked with onion, matchstick ginger and mild spices
Keema Matar, $20 – Ground turkey cooked with green peas, herbs and spices
Daal Makhani, $20 - Black lentils and dark red kidney beans cooked with cream, herbs and spices
Paneer Tikka Masala, $20 - Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) cooked in a tomato cream sauce with mild spices