Enter the kitchen of Chef Naveen Sachar, and you can’t help but feel right at home. That’s because Naveen has a knack for instilling confidence in even the most inexperienced cooks with his easy-going approach to preparing flavorful, fresh, and well-balanced Indian and Thai food.

A lifelong cook, traveler, and photographer, Naveen has loved the flavors, spices, and simplicity of Asian cooking ever since he was a young boy growing up in Northern India. Cooking has always been his passion — from his days as “official taster” in his mother’s kitchen, to acting as designated chef for his college and grad school roommates, to serving up cooking classes and catering on the side even as his career as a software engineer was taking off.

So it came as a surprise to exactly no one when in 2008, Naveen traded in the corporate life to launch his kitchen studio, Naveen’s Cuisine.

Check out Naveen's cookbook, ``Curry On!``

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