curry on!
Curry On! is the latest culinary creation of Chef Naveen Sachar, chef/owner of Naveen’s Cuisine (, Chicago’s premier recreational cooking school. Naveen has hosted cooking classes since 2001, and this cookbook features some of his most popular recipes from the classroom, including Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Murgh, Channa Masala, Gobi Matar, Daal Makhani, etc.

Too often, opinions about cooking Indian food are based on common misconceptions — it takes too long to prepare, it’s too spicy, the ingredients are hard to find, etc. But with Curry On!, Naveen debunks these myths and shows us just how easy it is to prepare Indian food that’s as healthy and flavorful as it is delicious. The recipes are accompanied by mouth-watering photos, with instructional videos to help demonstrate hard-to-describe techniques. And every recipe has stood the test of time, having been prepared hundreds of times in both the classroom setting and in guests’ homes, with the same delicious results. Naveen believes cooking should be relaxing, therapeutic and communal. So gather a few friends, put on some great music, pour yourself a drink, and Curry On!

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